Beat the Heat | Summer Wedding Planning Tips from a Pro!

Summer is here and it’s a hot one! Use these helpful tips from Anything But Gray Events to beat the heat, take care of your guests and enjoy your outdoor Summer Wedding!

Summer Wedding Rules:

Just like Fight Club, The first rule of HEAT is: You do not talk about HEAT. The second rule of HEAT is: You DO NOT TALK ABOUT HEAT! See where I am headed with this?

We live in California and it can get HOT. It’s hot as balls and we alllll know it’s hot as balls so let’s NOT talk about it! While it’s easy to get caught up in complaining about the whether, it just makes things worse. This rules goes for the couple, bridal party, family, guests and vendors! Keep it positive! All you can do is laugh! No amount of complaining will change the weather. Take it from a wedding planner who has seen it all, your day will be beautiful no matter what the thermometer says!

Maravilla Gardens Groomsmen

Koman Photography at Maravilla Gardens

The Fabric of our (Summer) Lives:

Think about your bridesmaids comfort! Brides, if you are planning on an outdoor, Summer Wedding think of light, breathable and airy fabrics like linen, jersey, cotton, chambray and rayon for your bridesmaids dresses. This is not the time for heavy and thick fabrics. No one likes sit stains on wedding day! You don’t want your best buds to be sweating bullets while walking down the aisle.

Stay Hydrated:

For every alcoholic drink you have at an outdoor Summer Wedding, you should have a glass of H20! That might sound like a lot of liquid, but when the thermostat rises you have a better chance of passing out as a bride, groom or guest when your body is only full of booze. Be kind to yourself and add a water spacer to your beverage lineup!

Shutters on the Beach Water Station

Joan Fuller Photography at Shutters on The Beach

Chill Out:

Who doesn’t love a popsicle on a hot day? Even better than that is a popsicle in a glass of champagne. Not only only does it keep the champagne cool but it keeps your guests feeling cool at cocktail hour! Consider adding a popsicle cocktail to your signature cocktail lineup.

City Club Wedding Anything But Gray Events

Kristina Lee Photography at City Club Los Angeles

Flower Power:

Don’t place flowers in the ceremony site or on reception tables too early. Most cut flowers are not fond of the heat or direct sunlight. We don’t want them fried to a crisp by the time guests arrive. Place them in a cool and dark area until right before the action starts. Your bridal bouquet should be kept in water till right before you go down the aisle to keep it looking fresh and hydrated.

Agoura Hills Rec Center Wedding Anything But Gray Events

Peterson Design &  Photography at Agoura Hills Recreation Center

Dog Days of Summer:

Pets don’t appreciate being at hot a Summer weddings. Keep them at home where they are cool and comfortable. If you really want your four-legged furry friend to be part of your wedding, have them come at a specific time with a handler to take some photos before heading back to a safe and air conditioned location.

Mary Costa Photography at Ruby Street

Umbrellaellaella A:

Rihanna approves! Having some umbrellas and bottles of sunscreen available to your guests helps shade them from the fierce outdoor rays. Paper umbrellas in every color are inexpensive and easily found on Amazon Prime with 2 day shipping.

I’m a fan:

Add a wooden stick to your ceremony programs and they become hand hands that your guests can use all night long! Lay them on each chair for easy access. These colorful programs were in the shape Ninja Turtles and Powerpuff Girls Popsicles!

Colorful wedding hand fans

Jenn Emerling Photography at The Fig House

Bug Off:

Summer brings heat, heat bring bugs, bugs bring problems! Think about swapping out votive candles for citronella candles that ward off Summer bugs. This will help especially around dessert tables, butter dishes or floral arrangements that will attract bugs because of their sweet aroma.

Dessert Table at Long Beach Museum of Art Wedding

Mary Costa Photography at Long Beach Museum of Art

Gettin’ Shady:

Some outdoor wedding venues like Maravilla Gardens in Camarillo have already thoughts about your Summer Wedding and guests’ comfort with these giant, built in sunshades. If your venue does not have them built in they can be rent them through a rental company and have them installed for the day.

Maravilla Gardens Wedding Ceremony

Koman Photography at Maravilla Gardens

Full Disclosure:

If you ceremony, cocktail hour or dinner reception is outside, be sure to communicate that with your guests in the invite and/or wedding website. Knowledge is power! Planning a wedding is all about hospitality. Makes sure your guests are in the know and can prepare for weather elements accordingly. Oh, and if your wedding is on grass, a hill or gravel let the ladies leave the high heels at home!

Ruby Street Wedding Reception Anything But Gray Events

Amy Gray Photography at Ruby Street

Location Location Location:

Have an alternative indoor location planned as a backup with your photographer for the first look or groups shots with your family and bridal party. Yes, it might not be the photo location you planned on but no doubt it will be just as cool!

Big Daddys Antiques Wedding Ceremony

Julie Pepin Photography at Big Daddy’s Antiques


Hydration Stations:

Ice water and Iced Tea stations at outdoor ceremonies are key. They keep your guests hydrated and happy. While the bride and groom (bride/bride or groom/groom) are usually inside in an air conditioned space, guests are sitting in the heat of an outdoor ceremony waiting for the magic to start. Don’t leave them hanging! Adding a non-alcoholic hydration station is a must for any Summer Wedding.

Water Station at Cielo Farms

Maya Myers Photography at Cielo Farms

Use it or Lose it:

I will leave you with this; talcum powder, spray deodorant and baby wipes are your friend. Use them.

That’s all I will say….

Miki and Sonja Photography at Private Estate

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