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With a background in theater, hospitality and culinary arts, I’ve reinvented what it means to be a wedding planner. And trust me, you don’t just want a planner, you want someone to direct the show so you can be center stage and enjoy the spotlight.

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California Wedding Planner
+ Stage Director

You live life to the fullest, so why put your wedding in a monotonous box just to line up with someone else’s idea of tradition?
I say, let’s toss out the traditions in lieu of a wedding that is totally you.

Anything But Gray Events makes the ordinary, extraordinary. 

you do you, boo!

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gray is my name, color is my game.

Hi, my name is Holly Gray. My pronouns are she/her/hers. Simply said, I produce vibrant and theatrically immersive celebrations to life for creative and non-traditional fol​x. I’m a native Los Angeleno with a steady pulse of innovation, community, and kindness. And no, I will not be running around your wedding with a walkie talkie. If you see someone running, that means something unexpected has happened. #notmystyle. Let’s be real, one of my superpowers is to put out the fires way before they start, and am waiting with open arms and a can-do attitude (as well as bright pink lipstick) for the unexpected. The only time you’ll see me run is when there’s an ice cream truck in front of me or a serial killer behind me. 


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I'm Holly Gray

To add to the mix, I went to culinary school to deepen my understanding and appreciation of food, especially as it relates to event hospitality. Along the way, I competed on a Food Network show and won! From those winnings, I took my part-time side hustle into the full-time business realm. With sweat, tears, and a ton of heart, I’ve never looked back.


Let’s be honest, I was too colorful and creative for the corporate world.

Nowadays, I come to every wedding with the mind of a stage manager, streamlining your creative ideas into an event that harmonizes like a Broadway musical. Just imagine the enthusiasm that will crescendo as we plan your wedding experience, stress-free, culminating in an event that will feel like the grand finale at a fireworks show. Lights, camera, and love.

I love the creative and logistical process of going from an idea to a final product with all of the steps and challenges in between. The ability to turn nothing into something amazing is why I consider all creative entrepreneurs, "magic makers."

I have a sincere passion for color. It gives rise to thought, creativity, happiness, and positive energy. Everything I do in my personal and professional life is in one way or another guided by color. I live, love, and create anything but gray!

I love community building and leadership. I serve in a variety of leadership roles in the Los Angeles wedding industry. With a firm belief in true collaboration, especially with other local, womxn-owned businesses, the idea of community over competition is at the core of everything I do.

(people and animals, of course)




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I lived in Korea right out of high school for six months after studying the language. While my Korean is not what it used to be, people are always surprised when I bust it out at dinner parties. 

I am a game show contestant junkie, making an appearance on Food Network's Guy's Grocery Games and twice on The Price is Right!

I am a long time Hanson fan and have been to over 100 concerts. 

As you might suspect at this point, I color code my closet. #sorrynotsorry

As a hobby, I studied, performed, and taught improv comedy for 20 years with ComedySportz Los Angeles. 

I won best dressed at summer camp for three years in a row! Who wins that at a summer camp?? This gal!

giving back

I have always been a dog person — growing up with half a dozen rescue dogs at any given time. This is why a portion of each sale goes to the Best Friends Animal Society. They promote pet adoption, no-kill animal rescues, and low cost spay-and-neuter practices. I’m a proud animal rescue supporter and couldn’t be more inspired by the work they do to help animals in need.

I am a doggie mama to Oliver (RIP 2022), Betty, and Veronica. All Boston Terrier rescues. They are my constant office assistants, either at my feet while I’m answering emails, on my lap while sketching designs, or making special guest appearances in my video consultations.

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