Sitting Success: Rental Chairs at every price point to fit your wedding look and budget

I hear it all the time from my clients getting married, “Who knew there were SO much choices?”.

When it comes to weddings, the choices feel endless and equally as overwhelming too. From invitations, food, dresses, guest lists, chairs and so much more! And while chairs might seem like a basic need, which they are, there are lots of great rental chair options out there to choose from to fit your look, comfort and price point! I know it’s a lot to take in, that is why Anything But Gray Events is here to help!

If you are being selective with your upgrades, switching out the ever popular chiavari chair from your reception floor plan might be the perfect way to elevate your wedding reception and personalize your design without breaking your budget!

In the end, yes, the chair does matter!

Here are 3 chairs from Bright Rentals in Los Angeles that fit different looks, comfort levels and price points. All 3 chairs are stylish, functional and change up the look of a table drastically. Each chair comes at a different price point that I will relieve at the end of this blog. Let’s play the game, “Who wore it best”; Chair edition!

Colorful chairs

All images taken by: Peterson Design & Photography

From Left to Right:

  1. White Wood Folding Padded Chair with 3 hole design.
  2. Orange industrial metal Cafe Chair.
  3. Chartreuse ‘Petra’ fabric padded Chair.

Below I have designed a colorful Summer tablescape using BBJ Linens, Bright Rentals table top and chairs, paper goods from Roseville Designs as well as florals by Flower Duet. Seeing the same table design shown with 3 different chairs will illuminate how a simple switch of a chair rental can change the entire look and feel of your table design.

Option #1

Here we see a lovely daytime Summer look incorporating the White Wood Folding Padded Chair with 3 hole design. These chairs are a classic shape, functional but are still stylish for any wedding setting.

This look is perfect for an afternoon garden party or a casual Summer wedding. The White Wood Folding Padded Chair with 3 hold design bring a crisp and clean and balance the color popping elements of the table design.

Summer Tablescape Anything But Gray Events

We are used to seeing standard white padded folding chairs at weddings but I especially love the unique 3-hole design on these Bright Rentals Chairs. These chairs are exclusive to the Bright Rentals line. The cut outs add an unexpected flare to a traditional chair. It would be lovely to incorporate that square shape into other elements of your event. For example, the paper goods. This leaves a simple but elegant design element and creates continuity throughout your wedding footprint.

Summer Tablescape Anything But Gray Events

Option #2

I have to admit, these orange industrial metal cafe chairs are some of my favorites. Although they come in a variety of colors, the orange is outstanding! This design combination scream a fun, non-traditional, warehouse wedding to me! These orange chairs are a bold and colorful wedding choice for the creative couple who like to think outside of the box and wants to add a big ‘wow’ factor to their wedding reception. The purple napkins and orange chairs mirror the floral table cloth pattern. Your guests will be in the mood to party the night away after sitting at this technicolor table!

Colorful table design

These orange, industrial metal cafe chairs can be used with or without seat cushions. Either way they are comfy! Consider adding a solid color or pattern cushion to add contrast and change up the look completely.

Orange industrial chairs

Option #3

Of the three chairs, I find the Petra to be the most sophisticated and refined. With it’s textured, chartreuse green fabric back and sleek, tapered black chair legs it is a piece of art all it’s own. While at first glance this chair might appear to dainty to be comfortable it is quiet the opposite. It’s double padded seat is extremely comfy. I imagine this combination to be perfect for an elegant indoor Summer wedding with a plated meal.

green fabric wedding rental chairs

I would recommend this chair for indoor event more than outdoor event due to it’s sleek legs and fabric back. You wouldn’t want the legs to start slipping into the grass at an outdoor event or the fabric to get moist in the night air! These are the “unsexy” things that wedding planners think about when it comes to wedding logistics!

green wedding rental chairs

So which chair combination did you like the best?

Ready to reveal the prices for each chair?


Drum roll please…….


From Left to Right:

  1. White Wood Folding Padded Chair with 3 hold design – $4.95 per chair 
  2. Orange industrial metal Cafe Chair – $11.75 per chair 
  3. Chartreuse ‘Petra’ fabric padded Chair – $27.50 per chair 

Let me help you with that math on that!

If you are expecting a total of 150 guests at your wedding (The average guest count in Los Angeles) here is what your chair rental cost would be not including tax and delivery charges. 

  1. White Wood Folding Padded Chair with 3 hold design – $4.95 per chair x 150 = $742.50 
  2. Orange industrial metal Cafe Chair – $11.75 per chair x 150 = $1762.50 
  3. Chartreuse ‘Petra’ fabric padded Chair – $27.50 per chair = $4125 


 When it comes to wedding budgets, I always tell my clients:

“Your budget has to fit your expectations and your expectations has to fit your budget” 

Which tablescape + chair combination did you like the most? Did your opinions change after seeing the prices?

Please share your opinions and thoughts in the comments below!

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