A Giving State of Mind; Incorporating Philanthropy into your Business

Philanthropy is a BIG word. Not only in letters but in meaning. It is defined as, “the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.”

As business owners, we have the unique ability to use our businesses to make the world a better place. Let’s use that power for good! Creating a business plan with a giving state of mind can make a huge impact.

Tuesdays Together Los Angeles:


Photo Credit: Aurelia D’Amore Photography

In November, members of Tuesdays Together Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles East Chapters) gathered to create hygiene kits for the LA Mission after raising over $500 for supplies. From that, over 50 bags chalked full of hygiene products and non-perishable food items were compiled to be given to the homeless.


With just a bit of organization, time and resources we were able to make a positive impact on our local community. Giving back is easier that you think!


Thank you to The Jefferson for hosting this special Tuesdays Together LA meeting.


Team Work Makes the Dream Work:

Like an assembly line of kindness, members of Tuesdays Together LA worked side by side to compose each hygiene kit. Community over competition is our motto in all we do.



“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”


Picture it, two tired women raiding the local 99 Cent Store at 9:30 pm, 30 mins before closing time. Safe to say the checker at the register was incredibly patient with Renee and me as we purchased over $500 in supplies for the meeting the following day. Often compared to Lucy and Ethel, I am sure we were a scene right out of a sitcom that evening. But as Tuesday Together LA Leaders, there is nothing we won’t do for our members and respective chapters.


Everyday Impact:

These simple daily necessities for which we take for granted, but will make a huge impact on those in need. Gum, socks, notepads, combs, shampoo, soap, hand sanitizer, sanity napkins, tissues, deodorant, non-perishable foods, toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotion, wet wipes and yes, condoms were just some of the items added to each kit.

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Educate Yourself:

In conjunction with assembling the hygiene kits, guest speaker, Rachael Parker-Chavez advised members on how easy and essential it is to create a Philanthropical branch to their own small businesses.


Rachael is a Social Impact Strategist and Founder of Defining: good, which exists to equip passionate people to generate positive impact through business.  She helps business owners create purpose-filled brands, engaging initiatives and authentic nonprofit partnerships; both one-on-one and through digital tools and resources.


Tuesdays Together Members asked questions and shared their visions on incorporate giving back as part of their individual business plans. By partnering organizations that aline with your business values, clients not only see what your business can do for them, but what your business does for the community.



Anything But Gray Events will now be donating a percentage of each sale to Best Friends Animal Society. With nationwide outreach with animal shelters and rescue groups, BFAS promotes pet adoption, no-kill animal rescue, and spay-and-neuter practices. As a rescue animal owner myself, I couldn’t be more inspired by the good work BFAS is doing, nationwide. I a proud to be putting my money where my heart is; in animals!

I highly encourage you to research philanthropic partnerships to incorporate into your business plans for the new year. Make 2019 the year to make a difference in your communities, one good deed at a time!  


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