Working for Good: Creating Community over Competition

The concept seems strange to most people in the business world. Why would I create “community” among the people I “compete” with? We are fighting for the same business, aren’t we? Isn’t this counterproductive? Think again!

 It’s time that we start working for Good to Create Community over Competition.

The Rising Tide Society

Three years ago I stumbled onto The Rising Tide Society after hearing great things. Believing in the power of networking, I find myself attending multiple networking events every week and hearing lots of the same things. I was anxious to try out a new group with a vastly different philosophy.

Walking in the door of my first Rising Tide Meeting, I knew it was different. It was something special! The room felt welcoming, positive and full of inspirational people that I wanted to get to know. Getting more involved over the next few months, I soon became the leader of the San Fernando Valley Chapter in Los Angeles.

Not your average networking

The Rising Tide Society strives to cultivate a community of creative entrepreneurs who believe in community over competition and have a desire to lead with love.  Rising Tide is not your average, “get dressed up, go to a ballroom full of people, spray and pray your business cards and hope you make connections from it”, kind of networking experience. It’s based on relationships and getting to know other entrepreneurs for who they are, what they value, and how together, you make the industry better.

From this dream of bringing community-based, like-minded entrepreneurs, business owners, and creatives together, Tuesdays Together was born. Meetups take place on the second Tuesday of every month where creatives and entrepreneurs gather together for “real talk” style conversations. It is an open and safe space for idea sharing and goal building. Strangers then become beautifully united by a shared desire to empower the creative economy.

Education and Leadership:

On any given second Tuesdays of the month, 450 other leaders across the nation (and internationally) are bringing together their groups to discuss topics like:

  • Branding & Marketing
  • Philanthropy
  • Mental Health & Self-Care
  • Business Financing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Systems, Automation and Work Flow
  • SEO & Keywords
  • Passive & Diversified Income
  • Growth, Scaling, and Collaboration


Slowly but surely, our San Fernando Valley Chapter has grown from 5 members to over 50 members who regularly attend monthly meetings. With our steady growth, we have gotten more creative with the venue sponsors that host us. We have now sized out from the local coffee shops in our area and are always welcoming venues to showcase themselves to our unique group.

Here you see the San Fernando Valley Chapter meeting at Pinz in Studio City. We discussed SEO and Keywords then were treated to a few rounds of bowling!

Our group bridges the gap between all industries and professions. TTLA proudly represents all races, genders, ages, cultures, beliefs, and walks of life. We pride ourselves in being a fully inclusive community that showcases the melting pot of people and talents that make up the great city of Los Angeles.


The Rising Tide Society is are more than a community; we are family. Albeit a goofy one!

Entrepreneurial Life

Now to most, not having a boss breathing down our necks every day can seem quiet glamourous right? Yes AND No! Being an entrepreneur can feel, well, lonely and sometimes alienating. Typically, you don’t go to an office full of other people every day. Sometimes the only in-person conversation I have all day is with one with my boston terriers, Oliver, Eloise or Audrey. Sadly, they never respond back!

Having the ability to meet other entrepreneurs once a month to touch base, be accountability partners and share information is an invaluable resource that is more important than ever.

Most entrepreneurs find themselves working solo every day.  It can feel empowering to be in a “non-traditional” work field, but it can also feel like you are an island. Finding a community of people who understand the ups, downs, trials, tribulations, and hardships of being a business owner can make all the difference in not feeling alone.

Community over Competition

Please remove the idea from your brain that those in the same field are people to fear. The only person you truly “compete” with is yourself. Replace that notion with the theory that you can learn, grown, and develop by gaining knowledge and insight from those around you in the same fields. By helping instead of hindering each other, we elevate the industry, and therefore elevate our own businesses in the process. That is Community over Competition!

 As JFK said it best, “A Rising Tide lifts all boats”.

Join the Community

As a FREE, nationwide community, there are over 450 monthly Tuesdays Together meetings that happen all over the world. You can find a meet up in almost all major cities. Join the community and make 2019 the year of The Rising Tide. 

Pretty cool right?!

For more information or to find a local Tuesdays Together chapter in your area, click HERE.

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