A History in Hollywood Elegance; The Ebell Los Angeles

Tucked away right off of Wilshire Boulevard in The Miracle Mile district is The Ebell of Los Angeles. With three levels and 75,000 square feet, this Renaissance-inspired structure is a noted architectural treasure and a registered National Historic Landmark.

Photos by Aurelia D’ Amore Photography

Ebell Los Angeles front stairs

This philanthropic, educational and social club was built by women for women and has been in this Hancock Park location since 1928. In fact, The Ebell of Los Angeles is the longest-running women’s club in Los Angeles. The Club, founded in 1894 and now in its 125 year, The Ebell Los Angeles has been empowering women since day one.

women taking photo at door

As you can see, the whole building is Instagram-worthy!

The revenue generated by The Special Events Department supports the operation, preservation, and mission of this historic Ebell Club, Clubhouse and Theater. This support allows the Club to remain accessible and inclusive of ALL women, regardless of social status, and also supports the philanthropic, educational and social services of the Club.

Ebell of Los Angeles Location

This column masonry and arch shape can be seen throughout the building.

outdoor hallways Ebell Los Angeles

I grew up in Hancock Park, right down the street from The Ebell of Los Angeles. My brother and I attended Cotillion classes there as a child. Cotillion comprises of dancing parties emphasizing manners, social graces, and basic social dance skills. I remember these walkways well as my patent leather shoes would squeak while walking on them.

Outdoor Ceremony Staircase

Ebell Garden
Wedding Ceremonies can either take place on the garden stairs or inside in the ballroom.
garden wedding ceremony
Both options are equally beautiful!

The Fountain of Honor

Ebell fountain statue

In the middle of the garden lives, The Fountain of Honor, crafted in 1928. Designed by Henry Lion in memory of Ebell members’ sons, husbands, and brothers whose lives were lost in World War I.

Ebell Los Angeles Fountain Statue

For being almost 91 years old, she looks amazing and is plastic surgery-free!

ebell los angeles original fountain
Designer Henry Lion crafting this immense statue circa 1928.

The fountain’s muse was modeled after an Ebell member who was also the girlfriend of Henry Lions at the time. Her name is unknown. She is a symbol of hope for all who see her. She holds the lamp of learning and carries the flag of our forefathers.

Ebell fountain model photo
This is a photo of the fountain muse.
Don’t you now want a fountain made from your likeness?
black and white Ebell Los Angeles Garden
Circa 1930
Ebell garden
Current Day – 2019

The Garden & Patio

Ebell outdoor garden wedding

Although there is also an Ebell Long Beach, the two venues are in no way connected or related.

Ebell outdoor patio and fountain

For those looking to experience all that The Ebell of Los Angeles has to offer, there is the Full First Floor Exclusive. This gives clients exclusive use of the historic Ebell Clubhouse for their event and their event only!

women in blue dress on stairs

Standing on the garden stairs would make anyone feel like a 1930’s starlet.

Ebell overview patio
View from the top!

Art Salon & Lounge

The Ebell of Los Angeles was founded by women, for women in 1894. It was created to bring education and arts to women at a time when education was not accessible to most women.

Ebell art gallery

The Art Salon was one of the first art galleries in Los Angeles.

colorful paintings on a green wall
Ebell of Los Angeles Location
Female artwork, both of and by, adorn the walls throughout the property.

Dining Room

The Dining Room & Garden Combination provides an outdoor setting for guest arrivals, ceremonies, and cocktail reception with a grand ballroom featuring carved archways and a built-in stage for presentations, reception dining, and plenty of room for dancing the night away!

women in blue dress standing in glass doorway

The dining room has a built-in air conditioning system. The Lounge and Art Salon do not have built-in systems, so it’s encouraged to rent an external air conditioning system for hotter month events from July-September. When opened, the french doors create natural cross ventilation and let in a lovely, evening breeze.

windows in hallway

The Ebell of Los Angeles is fully equipped with state of the art lighting options to create the ambiance, atmosphere or vision you have in mind.

Ebell grand hallway and reception room

The rental of the dining room includes uplights on the arches, column faces, and perimeter.

Ebell stage with red curtains

The Dining Room includes a small stage drenched in burgundy, velvet curtains perfect for creating a star-studded Old Hollywood atmosphere.

Ebell Reception Hall
There is vintage furniture included in the rental in almost every room of The Ebell.

Cost & Specifics

Exclusive First Floor of The Ebell of Los Angeles (Lounge, Art Salon, Garden, Dining Room with 2 green rooms) rental for Saturdays is $9000 + $20,000-$25,000 Food and Beverage minimum depending on the season with 125 or more guests. A 21% Service charge and Current Sales taxes are also applied to this total. Couples should plan at least $40,000 for Food & Beverage costs with an average overall wedding budget of $70,000+. Clubhouse rental includes up to 9 hours of access and their inventory of tables, chairs, vintage furniture, tableware, and barware.

Another shining feature of The Ebell of Los Angeles is their adjacent parking lot which is included in the rental fee. As all Angelenos know, parking in the City of Angeles can be hell! To not have to worry about additional valet costs or offsite parking for your guests is a huge plus to this venue.

Private catering and wine pairing tasting are included in your rental.
wood carving
table place setting on white linen

The Ballroom

Ebell grand staircase
This gliding staircase is ideal for making an extra grand entrance!
vintage chandelier

The historic Ebell Clubhouse and Theatre were built in 1927 and designed by renowned architect, Sumner Hunt.

grand ballroom staircase
Ebell grand ballroom wedding ceremony
The perspective while walking down the aisle to the indoor ceremony location.
Ebell grand ballroom wedding ceremony
The perspective while walking back up the aisle after the indoor ceremony concludes.
Ebell ceiling
There is beauty from top to bottom. The painted, carved ceiling showcases symbols from art, theatre, and literature.
  • Ebell grand room

The Ebell Clubhouse and Theatre covers 83,000 square feet. The adjoining Wilshire Ebell Theatre has over 1200 seats.

The French Room

Ebell Bridal Suite
From the getting ready room, you have a birds-eye view of the whole ballroom.
Ebell Bridal Suite
What is better than one huge mirror? TWO huge mirrors!
women taking photo in mirror

Aurelia D’Amore Photography finds all the best details and in this gorgeous venue, there are lots to catch!

Historical Details

There are thousands of architectural, design, and style elements within The Ebell of Los Angeles that make it a one-of-a-kind property. From hand-carved ceiling details, vintage light fixtures, metalwork, stone columns, original wood floors, and Art Decor furniture, The Ebell of Los Angeles is dripping in old Hollywood glamour and grace.

  • vintage glass chandelier
  • Ebell Los Angeles chandelier
  • Ebell carved cement column
  • metal theater mask
  • Ebell front door and chandelier
  • art deco design
  • Ebell window carving

These hallowed walls have stories to tell. It is rumored that the building is haunted by friendly spirits who have made this historical property their home. Do you believe in ghosts?

California Cuisine & Events Team

colorful salad on white plate

At The Ebell of Los Angeles, an outstanding culinary experience is just as important as the ambiance and architecture. The artwork is both on the walls as well as the plates coming out of the kitchen. The close-knit team at The Ebell of Los Angeles is here to make sure, from start to finish, your event is picture perfect!

  • Ebell Chef
    Jason Sperber
    Executive Chef.
  • Ebell Event Team
    Jenny Young
    Special Events Manager. (R)
    Kaitlyn Furst
    Senior Events Coordinator. (L)
  • Anessa Birkemeier
    Director of Special Events.
    (Photo by Sun and Sparrow Photography)

Kevin Mayer- Event Coordinator, Duane Davidson- Banquet Manager, Alex Sierra- Bar Manager (Not pictured).

Hidden History

There are many rooms in The Ebell of Los Angeles that are not seen by guests on a daily basis. The third-floor theater, music room, and Fine Arts costume closet, which holds a vast collection of vintage costumes, hold some of the hidden histories of The Ebell of Los Angeles.

wood doors
vintage wood theater seats
Ebell theater stage

Fun Facts:

  • Judy Garland was “discovered” on our Wilshire Ebell Theatre stage.
  • Amelia Earhart made her last public appearance at The Ebell.
  • The Ebell has been a favorite location for film and media. The historic building has been featured in over 50 movies including Forrest Gump, The Artist, The Wedding Crashers and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
vintage theater seat
A hidden detail in these vintage theater seats is the men’s hat holders that exist on the underside of the seat. This metal holder was designed to hold men’s hats (a typical accessory of the time) as they watched a theater program.
piano keys
The upstairs music room is reserved for members of The Ebell Club. There are at least 3 pianos in the building. Honoring music and art are core values built into the Ebell’s foundation. Can you spot all 3 pianos in this blog post?
Music Room
“There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.”― Bram Stoker, Dracula
fine arts sign

For 100 years the Ebell Scholarship Endowment has granted more than 5,000 scholarships to local colleges and university students.

Ebell top floor

The Ebell Costume Collection has more than 800 pieces dating back to the mid-1800s, lovingly preserved by our members.

dummies in a line
The wall of mannequins in the costume room is magical and creepy all at the same time!
Ebell foyer room

Much of the estate furniture seen around The Ebell of Los Angeles are family heirlooms donated by members of the Club.

Ebell Los Angeles sign

Contact Information

For more information about The Ebell of Los Angeles or to set up a tour please contact Special Events Manager, Jenny Young.

  • Email: jenny@ebelloflosangeles.com
  • Phone: (323) 931-1277 x 111
  • Website: www.ebelloflosangeles.com
  • Address: 743 South Lucerne Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90005

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