5 Reasons why Engagement Photos are a MUST for all couples!

While, in theory, they are optional, this colorful wedding expert is here to tell you why engagement photos are a MUST for every soonly-wed couple! Plus, who doesn’t want some gorgeous, edited, professional photos of themselves to keep forever and ever!?

#5 – Tell YOUR story!

F*ck it! Why not tell the unique story of your relationship through your engagement photos. As you know I love to say, “You Do You Boo!”. There are no rules except to make your engagement photos your own. Taking engagement photos is a great way to remember the most important moments of your courtship. Time flies when you are planning a wedding so don’t forget to savor every moment! If you have a cherished memory in a certain location or specific venue, try reliving that special moment through your engagement photos. It will be a great way to share the “story of us” with your kiddos someday!


Aja & Steve
Photo: Even Keel Weddings

#4 – Connecting with your photographer.

If you hired your photographer based on a referral from your wedding planner, your engagement session might be the first time you are meeting your photographer in person! Many photographers are now including engagement shoots in their wedding photography packages for good reason. Don’t skimp on adding an engagement session. You will regret it!

Ambrojha & Deidra
Photo: Julie Shuford Photography

This is a great time to get used to their photography style, how they give directions, and how to best interact with each other (you, your partner and the photographer). Spending the day with your photographer during for your engagement shoot also helps them discover the best ways to make you both look your best! Having a relationship with your photographer built BEFORE your wedding day ensures that you feel comfortable, relaxed and jazzed for your upcoming wedding celebration photos.

#3 – Shake off the nerves.

Getting comfortable in front of the camera is hard. It’s not every day that most of us are behind a professional camera lens. Most couples shutter and simply replay, “We have NEVER done that before” when I ask them about booking engagement photos. Yes, we all do bathroom selfies when you are feeling particularly self-assured, but professional photo shoots are not the norm for most of us! If you find yourself feeling awkward in front of a camera, you are not alone. It can be totally nerve-racking thinking about having your photo taken.

Abbey & Martha
Photo: Monica Linda Photography

So, what does that mean? Practice!! Shake off those nervous feelings with an engagement shoot. Engagement shoots are a great way to practice all your facial expressions, body poses and ideal angles in preparation for your wedding photos. That way the fear of, “I don’t know what to do with my hands” is left non-existent! Loosing up in from of the camera can be hard, but a little practice can make perfect! Make it a fun bonding experience for both you and your partner. They are your photos, make them reflect who you are as a couple. Luckily, practicing with the person that has your heart is totally worth it!

Kelly & Camillo
Photo: Laura Ford Photography

#2 – Setting the scene!

If your wedding is centered around a certain theme or desired dress code, why not reflect that in your wedding paper goods! Showing rather than telling your guests what they might want to consider wearing is helpful! Timing your engagement shoot correctly so that you can use the photos for your Save The Date or Wedding Invitation printing is a great way of giving your guests a sneak peek of what is to come on your special day.

Adam & Joe
Photo: Visuals by Arpit

Setting the tone months before the wedding is a great way of seamlessly blending in your theme throughout the journey of your courtship. These photos can also be framed and showcased at your wedding cocktail hour or reception. Plus, this might be a great time to collaborate with some of your other vendors. Splurge a little and hire your wedding makeup/hair artist and tuxedo rental company to make sure you look picture perfect.

EmilyJane & Ramzi
Photo: Jenn Emerling Weddings

#1- Be yourself!

Let’s be real, weddings days can be full of pressure for the couple. Your family and friends are all there supporting (yet hovering), you are wearing uncomfortable clothing from your head to your toes, and all eyes are on YOU! It just comes with wedding territory. While weddings days are just always more…pressure, engagement shoots are a chance to dress the way you want to, be as goofy as you can be, and most of all, have a wonderful day with your partner captured on film.

Amanda & Mike
Photo: Jenn Emerling Weddings

On your wedding day, you typically get about 30 mins of undisturbed time with your photographer for couples portraits before your wedding party, family, and close friends are added to the posing mix. While wedding photos tend to be a bit more polished, engagement photos can be whatever you want them to be. Take this one-on-one hour of time to have fun with your person and forget the rest of the world exists!

Lena & Shawn
Photo: Fun Lovin’ Camera Weddings

Engagement Photo Tips & Tricks:

  • Props can be super helpful! Whether it’s your favorite ice cream in a cone, sunglasses, balloons, or even nerf guns, adding a prop can help make a posted photo feel more real and casual.
  • Make sure to pack some clothing options that you have planned out the night before. A costume change can be a great way to change up your look for a multi-location engagement photo shoot.
  • Remember to pack some matte face power and extra lipstick for touch-ups. Guys, chapstick is your friend. Use it!
  • If you tend to get sweaty, pack a hankie for blotting or some rosewater spray to cool yourself down with.
  • Snacks like roasted almonds or cheese can keep your protein-powered throughout the day. Sugary drinks mixed with standing in the sun can cause a crash.
  • Your photographers will probably nab some photos of your hands so make sure your nails are groomed and/or polished and your ring(s), freshly cleaned!
  • Book your hair and makeup trial the morning or your afternoon engagement session. This will not only give you a practice run for your wedding look but also make you look fabulous in your engagement photos too!

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